El Cotillo Fiesta 2017 – Program of Events

  • Last Updated: 21st January 2023

The El Cotillo Fiesta 2017 program of events has been released. This is taking place this year from 16th to 27th August.

El Cotillo Fiesta 2017

The El Cotillo Fiesta 2017 highlights are:

Friday 18th:

22:30 until at least 03:00 – the first of the many music nights held in the church square behind the Cotillo Beach hotel featuring the group Kandela (I feel sorry for the guests staying there)

Saturday 19th:

12:00 – Football C D Cotillo v CD Vera de Tenerife
21:00 – The traditional music and dancing evening on the quayside in the old harbour

El Cotillo Fiesta 2017

23:30 until at least 05:00 – Music night in the church square featuring the groups Grupo LD and Grupo Arena

Sunday 20th:

14:30 – the ceremony of the safe voyage where the statue of the virgin is carried to the old harbour and put onto one of the fishermen’s boats. It is then taken out to sea for a short trip, followed by all of the other fishermen’s boats. Well worth watching.

El Cotillo Fiesta

Monday 21st:

14:00 – the “foam party” mainly for the kids, held in the old harbour

Tuesday 22nd:

18:00 – Miss El Cotillo contest in the old harbour

21:00 – Karate Exhibition in the old harbour

Wednesday 23rd:

16:00-23:00 – Water festival in the old harbour

Thursday 24th:

21:00 – Traditional fish meal in the old harbour with music

Friday 25th:

20:00 – the procession to take the statue of the virgin back to the church in El Roque

21:00 onwards – firework display in the old harbour – see video of past firework display

23:00-03:00 or later – Music in the church square with Star Music and Nuevo Klan

Saturday 26th:

23:00-04:00 or later – Music in the church square with Codigo C-RO and Guira Latina

NOTE: These times should be used as a guide since they are “Spanish time” so any event during the El Cotillo Fiesta 2017 could start up to an hour later.

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