Meeting with the town council

  • Last Updated: 21st January 2023

Meeting with the town council

Meeting with the town council

The La Oliva town hall has called a meeting in El Cotillo to discus topics of planning, infrastructure and other matters effecting the residents of El Cotillo.

This will take place at the Cultural Centre on Monday 23rd October at 19:00. A chance for all residents to have their say on the proposed new hotel development.

See information about the planned new hotel in El Cotillo

  1. We live in the village for much of the year, owning our own property for the last five years and continually struggle with our water supply. At peak times, Christmas, Easter, Fiesta times the water pressure is so low the water stops completely. Let’s get the village amenities (which we pay good money for) upgraded first, before even considering this huge proposed development. Surely good sanitation is vital everywhere in 2017?

  2. I recently returned from El Cotillo and I was appalled at the amount of dog poo on the pavements etc., the residents clearly have no respect for other people and let their animals foul anywhere. We had to buy a torch to shine on the path on our way back to our accommodation after treading in this disgusting mess. Unfortunately we will think twice about returning after this experience.

    1. Sadly, there is a mindset amongst many of the locals in Cotillo to just let their dogs out. It is the only place I know where dogs regularly roam free. If you see a dog on its own where I live then you know it has escaped. Having said that, I think you have exaggerated as in 14 years of going to Cotillo I have never stepped in any. Perhaps you are just unlucky. Actually a bigger problem is during the Fiesta in August when so many younger people come from all over and sleep in their cars as then there is human poo around.

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