Additional buses on the no 8 route – El Cotillo to Corralejo bus

  • Last Updated: 21st January 2023

The Cabildo has announced changes to the El Cotillo to Corralejo bus timetable starting 7th January 2018.

It includes not only buses starting earlier and finishing later but also some additional more direct services.

The highlights are:

  • The first bus to Corralejo is now at 7am instead on 8am
  • The first bus to El Cotillo is now 8am rather than 9am
  • The last bus buses to Corralejo are now 9pm and 11pm
  • The last bus to El Cotillo is now at 10pm
  • There is now a bus from El Cotillo at 2pm (which has always been missing in the past)
  • What was the last bus to Corralejo at 8pm no longer runs (see above)
  • What was the last bus to El Cotillo at 9pm no longer runs (see above)
  • There are three additional buses to El Cotillo which run direct at 10:15am, 3:30pm and 5:15pm
  • There is an additional bus to Corralejo at 4:15pm, which will run direct

This is definitely an improve as it will allow people to go to Corralejo for an evening meal and get back to El Cotillo without having to take a taxi. No doubt the taxi drivers won’t like it though.

El Cotillo to Corralejo bus timetable

Link to bus company timetable

    1. Hi Jackie. There is no direct bus. You would have to take a bus from the airport to the bus station in Puerto del Rosario and get an El Cotillo bus from there (which will stop in Lajares).

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