Cotilleando – 13th and 14th Ocober 2018

  • Last Updated: 21st January 2023
Cotilleando 2018
Cotilleando 2018

El Cotillo will have almost 40 international artists with all kinds of shows. Culture and artistic expression for all tastes in this festival that doesn’t stop growing.

It will be Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 October, and we will have circus, acrobatic, musical shows, craft shows, dance and hip hop, clown acrobatics, and also new locations to surprise the public (whatever that means?).

The program for Cotilleando:

Cotilleando Program 2018

  1. Wow it sounds great, unfortunately we had to leave the day before it started as our holiday was at an end 🙁
    Is this on every year?
    If so we’ll try to be there – what are the dates likely to be for 2019?

    1. Hi Barb. It is a shame you missed it. This has been on for the past couple of years, always in October. As for the dates for next year, this is Fuerteventura, so that probably won’t be made public for at least 6 months. It was 14th-15th last year and 13th-14th this year so I would suggest you need to make sure you are here for the weekend around those dates next year – probably 12th-13th October 2019. I will post it up in the news section as soon as I know next year.

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