The controversial new El Cotillo sign

  • Last Updated: 21st January 2023

A few weeks ago a new sign was erected in the main street (Calle 3 de Abril de 1979) near the end of the football ground and outside the Riders – Surf n Bike shop.

La Oliva Ayuntamiento have been placing similar large “sculpture” type signs around most of the towns and villages in the region over the past year or so. They can be found in Corralejo, Lajares, Villaverde and La Oliva and maybe more.

El Cotillo is one of the last to receive one and it is a rather unique sign as it is multi-coloured (a blue “El” and a white “Cotillo”) whereas I think all the others are just white.

The El Cotillo sign seems to have sparked off much controversy as some people like it and others really hate it. Personally I neither hate it nor love it. It is a bit of a strange place to put it though.

What do you think? Comment below.

      1. I wonder whether any street art might appear on it, or possibly gets blasted by the traffic to hide it. Really looking forward to viewing it in June, or maybe not.

  1. Some people just don’t like change. It’s OK. I prefer the El Cotillo in the design of a fish you see on some t-shirts but hey – all these things come down to personal preference.
    Hope to see it in person very soon.

      1. Whether anyone likes it or not, just to be able to travel to El Cotillo to see it in person, would be fantastic.
        Looks like won’t be there in June, as hoped.

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