Vandalism of the Toston Tower



Vandalism of the Toston Tower

According to Noticias Fuerteventura last night (between 24th-25th April) someone painted graffiti on the Toston Tower.

They state:

Some unscrupulous people painted during this last night a graffiti in one of the symbols of the Majorera culture in the north of Fuerteventura. The Torreón del Tostón appeared with a horrible graffiti with the word liberta, in what looks like a message written in Italian.

From the cultural associations of the well-known fishing enclave it is stated that “right now the only thing we feel like is crying when we see such nonsense and assault on our heritage. They have stained and destroyed one of our emblems, part of our identity as a fishing village”.

“From here with all our anger and sorrow we ask for the maximum possible collaboration to find all these scoundrels who have dedicated themselves to destroying all the heritage, we ask that any information they may have please send it to us, whoever has written the word “liberta” (it is written in Italian detail to take into account) definitely does not understand the meaning of that same word, this is not freedom this is a crime, that only a person with very little love, ethics and morals can do”, they explain.

Article here

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