A Quick Look at El Cotillo in October 2022

  • Last Updated: 21st January 2023

I had to take Jenson to get his haircut so as I had an hour to kill I had a little walk around Cotillo to see what is new, what has closed and also to see the current situation with the building work opposite the Coral Cotillo Beach Hotel.

Not too many changes apart from:

  • the closure of the Sotavento restaurant
  • the sad site of Torinos beach bar on Playa de la Concha
  • a new clothes shop
  • the ongoing building works

This is the video:

  1. Hi JP thanks for the update. We were there in June when Torino and family were emptying the place. Sad. Bad. Back home in Formby, we have been using the webcams hosted by Arruzzo and Ocean View, but both are now offline. Maybe you could speak to them to get them back online? We’ll be back in Marfolin in February for a well-earned break and to see the stars. Best wishes,
    John & Chris.

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