El Cotillo Restaurants and Cafes

  • Last Updated: 21st January 2023
El Cotillo Restaurants and Cafes

For a relatively small place, there are many lovely El Cotillo restaurants and cafes, which are located all over the village, rather than in one long strip.

El Cotillo‘s restaurants provide a wide variety of different cuisines – including traditional Spanish, Italian, International, Chinese, Tapas, Pizza and even English.

There are also a selection of cafés around the village selling coffee, tea, cakes, snacks, sandwiches etc.

Obviously prices vary from place to place. You are likely to pay more in a seafront restaurant than one on the heart of the village – just like everywhere else.

If you really feel the need for one you can get an “English Breakfast” at a few of the bars, such as the Seahorse or El Toston.

Most El Cotillo restaurants tend to close one day a week, but this varies, so there will always be plenty open on any given day.

The only beach bar is Torino’s on Playa de la Concha which sells, what many believe, is the best paella on the island. See the El Cotillo beaches page.

El Cotillo Restaurants and Cafes Map

El Cotillo Restaurants Map

A selection of the El Cotillo restaurants

The Olivo Corso

The Olivo Corso is located near the new harbour. The owner/chef was the head chef at the Vaca Azul and he has made extensive changes to the building to bring it up to date.

It has a very good tapas menu as well as a full menu so perfect for lunch or for a full daytime or evening meal. It can be busy at times so it is perhaps best to book a table.

Olivo Corso Facebook page

Olivo Corso Restaurant
Olivo Corso Restaurant

La Ballena (The Whale)

La Ballena overlooks the Toston tower and the coast to the south. I have had a few nice meals there on a nice warm summer’s evening. It is not so suitable if the weather is bad as most tables are outside. It has a good choice on the menu.

La Ballena Facebook page

La Ballena
La Ballena (The Whale)

El Roque de los Pescadores

This restaurant is next to the Seahorse bar and overlooks the new harbour so has some great views down the coast. It is very good for fish dishes. It is generally known locally just as “The Pescadores restaurant”. Lovely to sit outside on a nice warm evening. It is very popular with Spanish families during the day on Sundays.

El Roque de los Pescadores Facebook page

Bars and Restaurants in El Cotillo
El Roque de los Pescadores
El Roque De Los Pescadores

LavAzza (was El Callao)

LavAzza can be found to the north side of the old harbour, behind the Vaca Azul. It is part of the Italian LavAzza chain of restaurants.

LavAzza El Cotillo
LavAzza Restaurant

LavAzza also has some tables on the quayside but watch out for a high spring tide!

LavAzza Tables on the Old Harbour quay
Outdoor eating in the old harbour – LavAzza

El Toston Harbour View Bar and Kitchen

The Toston has reopened and is now run by Jacqui and Iain who are long time El Cotillo residents. They serve good food and drink overlooking the old harbour. It is quickly becoming a favourite haunt for many again.

There are some great sunset views from the terrace.

El Toston Facebook page

El Toston Harbour View Bar and Kitchen

Azzurro ChillOut Bar/Restaurant

The Azzurro is in a lovely spot just over the road from the main lagoon beach (Playa de la Concha). It has lovely views across the beaches to El Cotillo. Great for a lunch, a drink when you come off the beach or dinner.

Azzurro ChillOut Facebook page and website

Azzurro ChillOut Bar/Restaurant

Casa Rustica

The Casa Rustica has been open for many years. It is located close to the new harbour and, as the name implies, it is rustic. Good food, with a wide variety of dishes. It is particularly nice to sit on one of the outside tables on a nice evening.

Casa Rustica Facebook page

Bars and Restaurants in El Cotillo
Casa Rustica
Casa Rustica

051 Pizzalab Rooftop Cotillo

This bar/restaurant is located overlooking the Old Harbour, above the fishing boat statue.

051 Pizzalab Facebook page

051 Pizzalab Rooftop Cotillo
051 Pizzalab Rooftop Restaurant

El Mirador

El Mirador restaurant is right on the main slope overlooking the old harbour. It has a large upper terrace overlooking the sea.

El Mirador Facebook page

Restaurants El Cotillo
El Mirador
El Mirador

La Vaca Azul (The Blue Cow)

The Blue Cow restaurant has been on the edge of the old harbour for many years. It is easy to spot as it has a large Blue Cow on the top. It is good for local seafood and some nice views while you eat.

La Vaca Azul website and their Facebook page

La Vaca Azul El Cotillo
La Vaca Azul (The Blue Cow)

La Marisma

This is a nice restaurant which overlooks the sea on the northern headland of the old harbour (just continue walking past the Vaca Azul until you get to it). They have a rooftop terrace with great views so great for lunch. La Marisma Facebook page.

The only thing I don’t like about it is the tank of live lobsters ready to be selected to be eaten. If I win the lottery I will buy them all and release them.

La Marisma

El Ancla (The Anchor)

Great to sit and watch the sea in the old harbour with a drink or a meal. They sell quite a lot of different types of seafood.

El Ancla Facebook Page

El Ancla (The Anchor) El Cotillo
El Ancla (The Anchor)


SADLY NOW CLOSED. This is an Italian restaurant in a great location overlooking the start of the lagoons. It is in front of the Cotillo Beach Hotel at the front of the large white apartment block overlooking the sea.

Sottovento Facebook Page

Sottovento Restaurant El Cotillo
Sottovento Restaurant with views of the lagoon beaches

Happy Cactus Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant

This is the only purely vegetarian/vegan restaurant in El Cotillo. It is located under the Marfolin apartments on the way to the beaches.

Happy Cactus Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant El Cotillo
Happy Cactus Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant

Happy Cactus Facebook Page

Vaut (I think – I hate these fancy fonts)

This has recently reopened, having been run as many different types of restaurant over the years. It is located in the old harbour between the El Toston and Coyote bars.

Vaut Restaurant

El Cotillo Cafes


This cafe is open all day, until roughly just after sunset. It has the best view of any cafe in the village as it looks over the new harbour and right down the south coast of the island.

It is very popular with day visitors as it is one of the first cafes you see when you arrive.

Aguayre Facebook page

Aguayre El Cotillo
Sea views from the Aguayre Cafe

Cohiba Café : Bistro-Lounge

This recently opened bistro-lounge cafe is located under Marfolin apartments on the lagoon side of the village. Ideal for eating lunch on the way to the beach or a drink when you come off the beach.

Cohiba Café Facebook Page

Cohiba Café
Cohiba Café

Leo’s Beach Bar (formerly Ocean Deli)

This is a great place for a late breakfast or lunch. Also for picking up something to eat to take to the beach with you. It is located on the way to the beach, on the left after you pass the Cotillo Beach Hotel. It is the last place under the Marfolin apartments.

Leo's Beach Bar El Cotillo
Leo’s Beach Bar

El Goloso

El Goloso is also know as the French bakery (with branches in Lajares too) but it also coffee, cakes etc as well as being able to buy freshly baked bread. They also sell ready make sandwiches and rolls – ideal to take to the beach. It is located on the edge of the old village overlooking the Cotillo Beach hotel area.

El Goloso French Bakery
El Goloso French Bakery

El Mentidero Cafe

Located in a side road just off the high street. Nice coffee! Update: It is closed for refurbishment a notice outside says but the rumours are that it will not reopen, which is a shame.

where to eat in El Cotillo
El Mentidero Cafe

There are many more restaurants in El Cotillo Fuerteventura. These are just a selection.


Is there a vegan/vegetarian restaurant in El Cotillo?

Yes, the Happy Cactus Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant is located under the Marfolin apartments just past the El Cotillo Beach hotel. Many other El Cotillo restaurants offer vegetarian options on their menus.

Where can you eat seafood in El Cotillo?

Although most restaurants serve fish the two most popular choices are the Vaca Azul (Blue Cow) in the old harbour and the Pescadores restaurant overlooking the new harbour.

Which El Cotillo restaurants have sea views?

There are a number. The most popular restaurants with a sea view are the Pescadores, Blue Cow, La Marisma, Sottovento, La Ballena and the Aguayre cafe.

Which are the best restaurants in El Cotillo?

Check out La Ballena (overlooking the Toston tower) and the Olivo Corso (by the new harbour) which are two of our favourites.