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Here we answer some of the many El Cotillo frequently asked questions we get asked on an almost daily basis:

Are there holiday apartments to rent in El Cotillo?

Yes, there are plenty. Here is our selection of the best – selected apartments and villas in El Cotillo

Can I stay in El Cotillo all-inclusive?

There is one all-inclusive hotel, the Coral Cotillo Beach Hotel. You can check out the hotel and book here – Cotillo Beach Hotel

How do you pronounce El Cotillo?

A double L in Spanish is pronounced as a “y” so El Cotillo is:

El Cot-i-yo

How far is El Cotillo from airport?

It is approximately 45 kms (28 miles) and takes 35-40 minutes to drive.

How to get from Fuerteventura airport to El Cotillo

If you do not have a car, you can take a taxi, which is very expensive at roughly 200€ return including a tip, or choose one of the cheaper Fuerteventura Shuttle options.

If you hire a car from the airport, then follow these directions:

As you leave the hire car parking area, you will come to a roundabout, with a petrol station. Turn left, and as you exit the roundabout, keep to the right and take the slip road signposted to Puerto del Rosario. This takes you onto the FV-2 dual carriageway. Drive past the first exit (signposted Playa Blanca) and take the next exit (signposted Corralejo and La Oliva). This is the Puerto del Rosario ring road. Take the 2nd exit slip road, signposted La Oliva, and at the roundabout, turn left (3rd exit). Follow this road (FV-10) up the hill and go straight for about 12 miles (19 kms) through the scenic mountain road. You will pass by the village of Tetir and then Tindaya. After Tindaya, you will drop down into La Oliva. As you reach La Oliva, turn off left, signposted El Cotillo. There is a Disa petrol station at this junction, which is the closest to El Cotillo. Just keep going straight for another 9 miles and you will come straight into El Cotillo.

How to get from El Cotillo to Corralejo?

There is a very good, reliable bus service between El Cotillo and Corralejo – the No 8. Details and timetables here. The bus takes around 45 minutes.

Driving, head out of El Cotillo and turn left at the first roundabout. Drive through Lajares (worth a stop for coffee) and keep going straight over the roundabout by the football ground. You will come to another roundabout after a couple of kms. Go straight over and take the left-hand land, signposted to Corralejo. This will take you onto the new road (still being built as of September 2018) and you will come straight to Corralejo High Street. It takes about 25 minutes to drive.

El Cotillo frequently asked questions

Where is El Cotillo Beach?

There is more than one beach in El Cotillo, both to the south and the north of the village. The wilder beaches are popular with surfers, kite surfers and windsurfers are to the south. The quieter protected lagoon beaches start on the edge of the village to the north and run to the lighthouse. For full details of all the beaches see – El Cotillo Beaches

Where are the El Cotillo lagoons?

The El Cotillo lagoons are located to the north of El Cotillo village. To get to them:

Walking – walk along the coast path

Driving – you need to take the turn by the football ground and follow this through the high street, past the Cotillo Beach Hotel (on the right) and keep going. Follow the road around the left 90ª bend and then you will start to come to the various beaches. The first is the largest (Playa de la Concha) and beyond that the lagoons start properly.

Where to eat in El Cotillo?

We try not to make too many recommendations about restaurants to eat at because what some people love, others hate. It is all a matter of taste. The Olivo Corso is proving very popular, but many others have great food and lovely views. Take a look at our El Cotillo Restaurants and Cafe Guide.

Where is El Cotillo Fuerteventura?

El Cotillo Fuerteventura is located on the northwest corner of the island. It faces the Atlantic Ocean and has some spectacular sunsets as it faces west.

What is the weather like in El Cotillo?

Check out our El Cotillo weather page for up-to-date weather and weather month by month.

What to do in El Cotillo?

The most popular activity is lying on one of the lovely beaches and occasionally swimming to cool off. For other things, see Things to do in El Cotillo.

Can I hire surfboards in El Cotillo?

Yes, several surf shops hire surfboards.

Does El Cotillo in Fuerteventura have a weekly market?

There is a craft market on a Friday late afternoon/early evening.

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