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  • apartments to rent in El Cotillo

    Selected Apartments to Rent in El Cotillo

    There are many apartments to rent in El Cotillo for self-catering holidays. To make your choice easier and more informed, I have used my local knowledge to select some of the best El Cotillo holiday apartments available. Many of these El Cotillo apartments for rent have sea views, and some are right on the lagoon…

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  • 11 things to do in El Cotillo Fuerteventura

    13 Great Things to Do in El Cotillo Fuerteventura

    One of the wonderful things about holidaying in El Cotillo is the peace and quiet and lazy days lying on the beach. But, now and again, you may want to vary your daily relaxation routine with the odd activity before you head to the beach, or perhaps after you leave the beach. If that is…

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  • Azzuro beach bar La Concha Beach

    Azzurro Beach Bar Opens

    A new beach bar has been opened at La Concha Beach, on the site of the old Torino’s Beach Bar. It is being run by the Azzurro restaurant, located on the other side of the road. I am sure it will be welcomed by many beach users. It is just a shame that the local…

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  • towton tower reopens

    Toston Tower Reopens After Refurbishment

    Last week, the Toston Tower reopened after an extensive refurbishment program that closed it for many months (possibly a year). You should now be able to go in and look around. It only costs a few Euros.

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  • Where to stay in El Cotillo

    El Cotillo Hotels

    There are only three El Cotillo hotels as, fortunately, it has not developed into that kind of resort – so far anyway. I would not want to see it become another massive all-inclusive resort like some others as the village would be totally ruined. The three hotels in El Cotillo are all very different –…

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  • driving to el cotillo from fuerteventura airport

    Driving to El Cotillo from Fuerteventura airport – 2 routes

    Driving instructions It is easy to find your way when driving to El Cotillo from Fuerteventura airport as the roads are well signposted and there is generally very little traffic. If you are arriving after dark, and a little apprehensive about driving, then you may prefer to take the new road (avoiding the mountain road)…

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  • El Roque

    Holiday Villas in El Roque – Just Outside El Cotillo

    El Roque Fuerteventura is a very quiet hamlet located immediately outside El Cotillo just off the main road. As El Roque is only 1km/10 minutes easy walk into El Cotillo village, and the beaches, it is an ideal place for a family holiday for anyone wanting a villa and a private swimming pool. There are…

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  • El Cotillo Labyrinth

    El Cotillo’s Best Kept Secret – The Labyrinth

    Although I had heard of the Labyrinth just outside El Cotillo before, incredibly after 12 years or more of visiting (and living in) El Cotillo I had never been to it. A few weeks ago I went with a friend who knew where it was. It was an overcast and windy day, but that didn’t…

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  • El Cotillo from the ar

    El Cotillo Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

    Here we answer some of the many El Cotillo frequently asked questions we get asked on an almost daily basis: Are there holiday apartments to rent in El Cotillo? Yes, there are plenty. Here is our selection of the best – selected apartments and villas in El Cotillo Can I stay in El Cotillo all-inclusive?…

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  • El Cotillo Restaurants and Cafes 1

    El Cotillo Restaurants and Cafes

    For a relatively small place, many lovely El Cotillo restaurants and cafes are located all over the village rather than in one long strip. El Cotillo is known for its vibrant food scene with many diverse and enticing restaurants. Its picturesque surroundings and proximity to the Atlantic Ocean make it a haven for seafood lovers.…

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  • El Cotillo Bars | Where to drink in El Cotillo 2

    El Cotillo Bars | Where to drink in El Cotillo

    El Cotillo bars are located in different parts of the village. One thing is for sure, when it comes to the El Cotillo nightlife, you won’t find noisy night clubs and bars in El Cotillo. Having said that, some of the bars do have live music some evenings but it is usually good acoustic music,…

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  • El Cotillo Useful Information – Doctors, Hospital, Pharmacy, Map

    Doctors There is a private doctor’s surgery in the high street. It is a branch of the main Brisamar clinic in Corralejo. Opening hours are 16:00 to 19:00 Monday to Friday. Obviously you will have to pay but if you have travel insurance this should be refundable. There is also a private doctor’s practice in…

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  • El Cotillo Music Festival 2022

    El Cotillo Fiesta and Music Festival

    El Cotillo Fiesta The El Cotillo fiesta always takes place at the end of August and lasts roughly 10 days. During this time the village is transformed from a quiet laid-back place into a very busy, noisy one. Don’t expect much sleep at this time! See the news section for details of this year’s El…

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  • El Cotillo Transport

    Transport Links to and from El Cotillo

    El Cotillo transport facilities are not particularly extensive, but what there are is okay. The buses, in particular, are very dependable. If you want to see more of the island but don’t want to drive or use the buses, check out my tours, excursions and activities page. Fuerteventura Airport Transfers There are several transfer options…

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  • holiday lettings fuerteventura

    Where To Stay in El Cotillo – Apartments and Hotels

    When considering where to stay in El Cotillo, the vast majority of visitors’ preferred option is to stay in one of the many self-catering El Cotillo apartments there are to rent. Some have fabulous sea views, others are tucked away in quiet spots in the village.. Some apartments are in small complexes while others are…

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  • El Cotillo Weather

    El Cotillo Weather | The Weather in El Cotillo Fuerteventura

    The El Cotillo weather is much easier to forecast than in the UK. However, it is amazing how many times the meteorologists can still be wrong. Perhaps one day they will admit that you cannot predict the unpredictable. For those that believe such things here is an up to date forecast for the El Cotillo…

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  • El Cotillo Shops

    El Cotillo Shops – from supermarkets to toy shops to banks

    El Cotillo shops are good but you certainly couldn’t describe it as a shopper’s paradise.  It does have shops that sell most things needed on a day-to-day basis. If you want “proper” shopping you either need to go to Corralejo or the capital, Puerto del Rosario. El Cotillo shops include supermarkets (large and small), ferreterias…

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  • Surfers beach piedra playa el cotillo

    El Cotillo Beaches & Lagoons : Beach by Beach Guide

    The El Cotillo beaches and El Cotillo lagoons are a great draw for people staying all over the island and are one of El Cotillo’s greatest assets. Although many people refer to them just as El Cotillo beach & lagoons, there are many more than just one beach around the village (Playa el Cotillo if…

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  • Cotilleando 2023

    Cotilleando 2023

    The Cotilleando 2023 Festival takes place on 7th and 8th October at various locations around El Cotillo, although mainly on Saturday evening. It is a festival for circus, dance, music and theatre performances. It is FREE and you just need to walk around the village to find activities, often following the music or applause to…

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  • El Cotillo Fiesta 2023

    El Cotillo Fiesta 2023

    Finally, the El Cotillo Fiesta 2023 timetable has been released and the events will occur between 15th August and 27th August. The main events are: Sunday 20th August from 1pm – The procession of the Virgin statue out to sea and back from the Old Harbour. Wednesday 23rd from 1pm until 11pm – Foam party…

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