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El Cotillo bars are located in different parts of the village. One thing is for sure, when it comes to the El Cotillo nightlife, you won’t find noisy night clubs and bars in El Cotillo. Having said that, some of the bars do have live music some evenings but it is usually good acoustic music, not loud heavy rock.

In fact El Cotillo seems to attract many talented musicians on holiday themselves who often end up giving impromptu performances.

There are chilled bars too where you can sit and enjoy a drink or two, perhaps while watching the sun go down after a day on the beach.

All of the bars sell food so you could also class them as restaurants too in many cases.

El Cotillo Bars and restaurants in the Old Harbour
Bars and restaurants in the Old Harbour, El Cotillo

If you really need one you can get an “English Breakfast” at a few of the El Cotillo bars, such as the Seahorse or El Toston.

The only beach bar is Torino’s on Playa de la Concha. See the beaches page.

El Cotillo Bars Map

El Cotillo bars map

VayaOla Bar

The VayaOla bar is a lovely chilled bar and is located in the new harbour area of El Cotillo. It is at the other end of the street from the Rustica restaurant. Sells lovely homemade Bagels.

VayaOla Facebook page

VayaOla Bar El Cotillo

Coyote Bar

This is located at the top of the slope by the old harbour. It has a terrace area outside, and the main bar is up some steps.

It is quite a lively bar and has some good live music. It is run by Axel from Switzerland.

Coyote Bar Facebook page

Coyote Bar, El Cotillo

NāNā Cocktail Bar

NEW: This is a large new cocktail bar overlooking the Tostón Tower with a huge terrace with a sea view and an upstairs terrace. Nana El Cotillo Review.

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/NaNaFuerteventura

NāNā Cocktail Bar El Cotillo

Chupa Cabra

It was originally the Toston Bar but now reopened as the Chupa Cabra.

Located on the old harbour.

El Cotillo Bars | Where to drink in El Cotillo 1

Bar Acorralado

This is a small bar on the corner of the little square, just off the main street.

It does some very good Tapas deals (5 tapas dishes, bread and a bottle of wine for 18€ the last time I looked.) It can be quite lively on Spanish football night which I think is Sundays.

Bar Acorralado, El Cotillo

Azzurro Beach Bar

Recently built on the site of Torino’s Beach Bar on La Concha Beach.

El Cotillo Bars | Where to drink in El Cotillo 2

Lolita Surf Cafe Bar

A small bar located at the top of the High Street.

It can’t be missed with the huge lips painted on the outside.

Lolita Surf Cafe Bar

Piedra Alto bar/restaurant

The Piedra Alto opened in February 2019 and is located on the cliffs overlooking the old harbour. Good food with nice views.

They have live music a few nights each month.

Piedra Alto bar/restaurant

Bagus Beach Bar

This is located under the Marfolin apartments overlooking the first of the lagoon beaches.

It is a nice place for lunch or a drink when going to or from the beach. Facebook page

Bagus Beach Bar

The Seahorse Sports Bar

SADLY NOW CLOSED: The Seahorse bar shows many football matches on its 4 or 5 tv screens as well as rugby, F1 and many other sports. The bar is popular with locals, expats and holiday-makers. This bar overlooks the new harbour.

It is open all day, every day for food and drink. Seahorse Bar Facebook page.

The Seahorse Sports Bar

Torino’s Beach Bar

Sadly now closed and dismantled thanks to the moronic town hall

This is the only beach bar in El Cotillo and has been run by Torino and his family for many years. It is located on La Concha Beach.

It is a great place for lunch on the beach or just a cool drink or ice cream. Many say Torino’s paella is the best in the village. Facebook page

See Azurro Beach Bar above

Torinos beach bar El Cotillo

Details of the many restaurants and cafes in El Cotillo


Where is the best place to watch football in El Cotillo?

Bar Acorralado normally shows Spanish matches on Sunday evening.

Where can I find draught Guinness in El Cotillo?

The Seahorse Bar, overlooking the New Harbour, serves draught Guinness.

Which bars have live music in El Cotillo?

On various nights of the week you can find live music in the Coyote Bar, Piedra Alto Bar and El Toston and occasionally at other bars – just follow the sound!

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