El Cotillo Bars | Bars in El Cotillo

El Cotillo bars are located in different parts of the village. One thing is for sure, you won’t find noisy night clubs and bars in El Cotillo. Having said that, some of the bars do have live music some evenings. In fact El Cotillo seems to attract many talented musicians on holiday themselves who often end up giving impromptu performances.

There are chilled bars too where you can sit and enjoy a drink or two, perhaps while watching the sun go down after a day on the beach.

El Cotillo Bars
The Seahorse Sports Bar – New Harbour area

If you really need one you can get an “English Breakfast” at a few of the bars, such as the Seahorse or El Toston.

The only beach bar is Torino’s on Playa de la Concha. See the beaches page.

This is a small selection of the El Cotillo bars

The Seahorse Sports Bar

It shows football matches, rugby and other sports. The bar is popular with locals, expats and holiday-makers. This bar overlooks the new harbour. It is open all day, every day serving food and drink.

Overlooks the new harbour. It is open all day, every day for food and drink. Facebook page.

El Cotillo Bars

Coyote Bar

This is located at the top of the slope by the old harbour.

It is quite a lively bar and has some good live music.

Facebook page

Bar Acorralado

This is a small bar on the corner of the little square, just off the main street.

It does some very good Tapas deals (5 tapas dishes, bread and a bottle of wine for 18€) and can be quite lively on Spanish football night.

El Cotillo Bars

El Toston

The Toston is a UK family run bar serving food and drink overlooking the old harbour.

Great sunset views from the terrace.

Torinos beach bar El Cotillo

Torino’s Beach Bar

This is the only beach bar in El Cotillo and has been run by Torino and his family for many years. It is located on La Concha Beach.

It is a great place for lunch when on the beach or just a cool drink or ice cream. Many say Torino’s paella is the best in the village. Facebook page

Lolita Surf Cafe Bar

It can’t be missed with the huge lips painted on the outside.

A small bar located at the top of the High Street.

La Cantina De Frageil – “Fraggle Rock Bar”

A small bar opposite the football ground. Lively at times. Sells food as well as drinks.

Piedra Alto bar/restaurant

The Piedra Alto opened in February 2019 and is located on the cliffs overlooking the old harbour. Good food with nice views.

They have live music a few nights each month.

Bagus Beach Bar

This is located under the Marfolin apartments overlooking the first of the lagoon beaches.

It is a nice place for lunch or a drink when you come off the beach. Facebook page

There are other bars in El Cotillo. These are just a selection of El Cotillo bars..

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