El Cotillo Shops – from supermarkets to toy shops to banks



El Cotillo shops are good but you certainly couldn’t describe it as a shopper’s paradise.  It does have shops that sell most things needed on a day-to-day basis. If you want “proper” shopping you either need to go to Corralejo or the capital, Puerto del Rosario.

El Cotillo shops include supermarkets (large and small), ferreterias (hardware), surfing, kitesurfing, bike hire, toys, 3 hairdressers, souvenir, Aloe Vera, clothes, internet, estate agent and a bank (with a cash machine). There is also a walk-in doctor’s surgery. The nearest pharmacy is in Lajares.

Small Selection of El Cotillo Shops:

Superdino Supermarket

This is on the right-hand side, just as you come into El Cotillo. It is a pretty good shop and sells most things. It has fresh fruit and vegetables as well as a fresh meat, bread and delicatessen counter.

El Cotillo Shops
Superdino Supermarket

Spar Supermarket

This shop opened in September 2019 and is on the main street near the new harbour. It is open 7 days per week 08:30-21:00 Monday to Saturday and 09:00-15:00 on Sundays. It has fresh meat, a bakery and fresh fruit and veg.

Spar supermarket in El Cotillo
Spar Supermarket

Viveres Argella

This is a small supermarket located between the old and the new harbours. It is only small but it does stock a surprisingly large range of stuff.

El Cotillo Shops
Viveres Argella

La Caixa Bank

This is located on the main street into the village, on the right after passing the football ground. It has one of the two cash machines located in the village. The other is outside the entrance to the Cotillo Beach Hotel.

El Cotillo Shops
La Caixa Bank and cash machine

Natural Instinct – pet food and grooming

This shop sells lots of natural foods for animals together with all the associated items like collars, leads, toys etc. Also a very good dog groomer (where one of our dogs goes). It is located on the main road into the village next to the small square. Natural Instinct Facebook page.

Natural Instinct Pet Shop El Cotillo

La Tia ITXI – Toy Shop

Lovely toy shop with lots of unusual items located opposite La Caixa bank.

El Cotillo Shops
La Tia ITXI – Toy shop

La Puntilla – home-made ice cream shop

This shop sells some lovely home-made ice cream with some really unusual flavours. Well worth buying one and eating it sitting on the rocks opposite watching the sea. You can find it by walking from the old harbour north around the headland and then sit on the rocks watching the sea while you eat your ice cream.

La Puntilla home made ice cream shop
La Puntilla – the home-made ice cream shop

Riders – Surf n Bike

Near the football ground on the main street into El Cotillo. They operate a surf school and also rent surf boards, wetsuits, bikes etc. See their website for more details – Riders Surf n Nike

Riders surf shop El Cotillo
Riders Surf School Shop and Bike Hire

Riders Bike Service Shop

This is located over the road from their surf shop and provides bike servicing to all kinds of bikes.

Shops in El Cotillo
Riders Bike Service Shop

La Gastronomia Delicatessen

La Gastronomia Delicatessen

This is located just down the side of Dragon China (opposite the main Superdino supermarket). You can also eat in or outside. All food is made onsite.

La Gastronomia Delicatessen Food

You can find full details of the food Enrico the owner sells on the La Gastronomia Facebook page

Open Clean Launderette

This is a self service laundry and is located in one of the locales under the Cotillo Beach Hotel.

Open Clean Launderette El Cotillo
Open Clean Laundry

Dragon China 2012

You can buy many things from this shop, mostly made in China so don’t expect top quality, but most things should at least last for the duration of your holiday. It is opposite the large Superdino supermarket.

Dragon China 2018 shop El Cotillo

Estetica – Beauty salon

This beauty salon is located opposite the football ground on the main road into the village.

Estetica El Cotilo

Aloe Vera Fabric Shop

This shop sells pretty much anything to do with the Aloe Vera plant, including the plants themselves. If you like Aloe Vera cosmetics etc then head towards the new harbour where you will find it behind the Aguayre Cafe. Next to it is La Mar, which sells souvenirs related to the sea.

Aloe Vera Shop El Cotillo

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