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  • Building work in El Cotillo

    Update on the Building Work in El Cotillo

    As many will know, there are a few large building projects going on in the north of El Cotillo, in the area in front of the Coral Cotillo Beach Hotel and the Marfolin Apartments. All of the pile hammer action has finished on the first project, which will be an apartment development with a swimming…

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  • El Cotillo Fiesta

    El Cotillo Fiesta 2021 – CANCELLED

    No great surprise but this years fiesta in El Cotillo has been cancelled again. It was due to take place from 10th August but yet again, it was cancelled with only a few days notice. Crazy when you consider that they will be allowing football crowds and all manner of other things to take place.…

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  • Hire a hog in El Cotillo

    Hire a Hog In El Cotillo

    Sadly this business has now closed You can now hire a Harley-Davidson motorcycle in El Cotillo and explore the island. Steel Horse Motorcycles has opened hiring both Harley-Davidson Iron motorbikes as well as Brixton Felsberg 125cc all-terrain motorbikes. The owners are long time passionate bikers who have seen a gap in the market in Fuerteventura.…

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  • Work starts on new hotel in El Cotillo

    Work starts on new hotel in El Cotillo

    Work has now begun to build what is believed to be a new hotel in El Cotillo on the site in front of the Marfolin Apartments (Update: It is an apartment complex. See the bottom of the article). The hotel will extend from the main road to the lagoons beaches, just past the Coral Cotillo…

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  • Ice Cream Figure Stolen from La Puntilla 1

    Ice Cream Figure Stolen from La Puntilla

    It is incredible but the Ice Cream figure that sits outside the La Puntilla home made ice cream shop has been stolen. What kind of low life would do a thing like that? Hopefully it will be found, or returned by whoever did it. It is hardly something that is easy to hide. If anyone…

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  • New Delicatessen - La Gastronomia 2

    New Delicatessen – La Gastronomia

    I know it has been there a little while but we only discovered La Gastronomia a few weeks. It is located near the main Superdino supermarket and is the other side of the road just down the side from the Chinese shop. It has been opened my Enrico and I have to say the food…

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  • El Cotillo Friday Craft Market

    La Oliva Ayuntamiento temporarily suspends street music performances and market in El Cotillo

    Translated from the Ayuntamiento notice: The City Council of La Oliva decrees the temporary suspension of musical performances in the streets, in addition to the markets of Lajares and El Cotillo. A decision that is adopted after the new extension of the Insular Emergency Plan and the notable decrease in tourists in the municipality, which brings…

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  • El Cotillo Friday Craft Market

    Artisans Market Starts Again Friday 14th August

    After a long lay-off, for obvious reasons, the market in El Cotillo resumes from 19:00 – 22:00 on Friday 14th August. There will be 30 stalls with social distancing and other safeguards in place. Disinfectant solution dispensers will be supplied and in addition, the use of a mask will be mandatory whenever the meter and…

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  • El Cotillo as it was 3

    El Cotillo as it was

    I came across some old photos of El Cotillo on a Fuerteventura Facebook page and thought people might be interested in seeing them to see how things have changed. I don’t know when the photos were taken, unfortunately. The first picture is of the old harbour looking north. You can see that the fishing boats…

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  • A walk to Torino's Beach Bar El Cotillo

    A walk along the beach to Torino’s Beach Bar El Cotillo

    A few weeks ago I took a walk from the first beach to the north of the village, by the Marfolin Apartments. I walked long the beaches to Playa de la Concha and then continued on to what I know as Caleton beach – called that because of the Caleton apartments right by the beach.…

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  • El Cotillo Update

    A short update on the current situation

    I went to El Cotillo to get my hair cut and afterwards went for a trip around part of the village to see what is open now and also to see how busy it is. I started off in the new harbour area where the Olivo Corso has now reopened and also the Aguayre, the…

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  • A walk around El Cotillo during phase 1 to see what's open 4

    A walk around El Cotillo during phase 1 to see what’s open

    I went to get my haircut in El Cotillo so decided to go for a walk around the village to see what bars, restaurants etc were open during phase 1 of the lockdown easing. I have to say there were fewer places open that I thought there would be and also fewer people about. When…

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  • A Beach Walk - for those missing it 5

    A Beach Walk – for those missing it

    The day before lockdown my new camera arrived so I gave it a quick test by walking the length of Piedra Playa. It wasn’t that good but since it is impossible to go out and film anything else I uploaded it anyway. Hopefully we can all do a real beach walk soon. I have bought…

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  • home deliveries

    Home deliveries in El Cotillo during lockdown

    I am sure there are a number of restaurants and cafes in El Cotillo doing home deliveries and I will add any more I find to this post. Cohiba Cafe Initially I have just found one which is the Cohiba Cafe. This is their price list and it seems they will deliver as far away…

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  • Fuerteventura lockdown - Coronavirus 6

    Fuerteventura lockdown – Coronavirus

    If you think you may have the virus you can call the following number for advice etc I am trying to keep my post on my other website up to date with information (which I am finding only from official sources – not from stupid Facebook posts). Link below: JP in Fuerteventura Coronavirus Page

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  • Church services change of venue 7

    Church services change of venue

    St. James’s Church, which is part of the Church of England Fuerteventura Chaplaincy, has moved to a new venue due the the commencement of the refurbishment at Cotillo Beach Hotel, which was their previous venue.  Until further notice they will be holding their English language services in El Toston Bar in the old harbour of…

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  • New El Cotillo Sign

    The controversial new El Cotillo sign

    A few weeks ago a new sign was erected in the main street (Calle 3 de Abril de 1979) near the end of the football ground and outside the Riders – Surf n Bike shop. La Oliva Ayuntamiento have been placing similar large “sculpture” type signs around most of the towns and villages in the…

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  • The New Harbour, El Cotillo

    The new harbour to be upgraded

    A budget of 160,000 Euros has been allotted to upgrade the moorings in El Cotillo‘s new harbour. This will increase the number of boats that can be accommodated to 50. Currently, the boats, mainly fishing boats, are moored to individual buoys attached to the sea bed by chains. These will be replaced with piles fixed…

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  • Fuerteventura Kite Festival 2019

    Fuerteventura Kite Festival 2019

    The program for the Fuerteventura Kite Festival is now available (see bottom of post) so you can plan when and where you can visit. The festival takes place over 4 days from 7th to 10th November. It is a great event and one that, each year, I say “I’m not going to go this year”…

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  • Festival Cotilleando

    Cotilleando 2019 – 12th/13th October

    This year’s Cotilleando Festival Artistico will take place (in El Cotillo of course) on 12th and 13th October. There will be performers from Peru, Guatemala, Chile, Dominican Republic, Italy, Argentina, Bulgaria , mainland Spain as well as some from the Canary Islands. All performances take place in the street, in various locations. The Artists Some…

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