The new harbour to be upgraded



The New Harbour, El Cotillo
The New Harbour, El Cotillo

A budget of 160,000 Euros has been allotted to upgrade the moorings in El Cotillo‘s new harbour. This will increase the number of boats that can be accommodated to 50.

Currently, the boats, mainly fishing boats, are moored to individual buoys attached to the sea bed by chains. These will be replaced with piles fixed into the seabed with floating pontoons attached to them.

One floating pontoon will accommodate up to 13 boats 6 metres in length, another will provide berths for 10 boats up to 8 metres in length and there will be further jetties for another 27 boats up to 8 metres.

Work is due to be completed by May 2020.

2 responses to “The new harbour to be upgraded”

  1. chris avatar

    Will there be any pontoon births available to rent by passing boats ?

    1. JP in Fuerteventura avatar

      I believe that they are only for commercial boats (fishing, diving etc) but I guess if there is space they won’t turn a boat away.

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