A walk along the beach to Torino’s Beach Bar El Cotillo



A few weeks ago I took a walk from the first beach to the north of the village, by the Marfolin Apartments. I walked long the beaches to Playa de la Concha and then continued on to what I know as Caleton beach – called that because of the Caleton apartments right by the beach.

On Caleton beach I showed the rock pool that always forms on the lefty hand side at low tide, that always have lots of fish in it.

El Cotillo Beaches
Torino of Torino’s beach bar El Cotillo

I then walked back towards La Concha beach, through the car park to the rear and visited Torino’s beach bar for a well deserved cold coke. Torino’s had just reopened after the lockdown.

Torino’s beach bar El Cotillo (Bar Torino El Cotillo) has been in existence for many years and is a favorite of many visitors to the village. It is run by Torino (no surprise there) and his English wife, Michelle. Both of their daughters have been involved in working there and also Torino’s brother. It is a real family business. Bar Torino Facebook page.

There were more people on the beach than I expected to be honest, particularly as at that stage tourists were not coming back because there were no flights.

This has to be one of the nicest walks in El Cotillo, with the reward of a drink or something to eat at the end.

Torino's beach bar El Cotillo
Torino’s generator in 1998

4 responses to “A walk along the beach to Torino’s Beach Bar El Cotillo”

  1. Lisa avatar

    Thank you so much for posting this. We have stayed in el cotillo so many times whilst my boys were growing up. We stayed mostly at Mara villa, the apartments at the beginning of the lagoons with the blue rooftops. Owned by a German gent. Last time we stayed at the marfolin apartments.
    Seeing this video, has brought back so many happy memories, particularly as we have been I. Lockdown in the uk , and have had to cancel holidays for this year. But we will be back.
    Thank you for sharing , can’t wait to return. Maybe next year. Stay well and safe.

    1. JP in Fuerteventura avatar

      I am glad you enjoyed it and it brought back happy memories Lisa. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Chris avatar

    Thanks for reminding us of what El Cotillo was like.
    What on earth are the planners doing to the area!? They argue is supporting ecology but ……..?

    We’ve visited and stayed in El Cotillo for decades (now in our 70s) and have loved our twice yearly trips. But fear for the area.
    This isn’t just about the proposed insane development to fill the ‘gap’ between El Cotillo and El Roque and the steady building programme – yes by all means develop – but with cafes and shops regularly closing, having few customers and changing hands (we assume/observe due to lack of custom) we have to ask ‘why’?

    We have seen the impact during our recent trip (we came back just on Saturday June 2022). Stone circles destroyed leaving stones scattered all over the beaches and visitors (who unlike us don’t go prepared for THE WIND!) arriving and leaving soon after because despite the hot sunshine they can’t sunbathe – or swim – we have never previously seen so much seaweed piled high – even present in the main lagoon. There is no place they can go to for snacks, ice cream for the children and just a pleasant sit down with a drink – thanks to the ‘dispute’ over the Torrino bar closing it down.

    We have seen how the wind effects are handled on some Jandia beaches when we have revisited the region – long lines of regimented sunbeds sheltered by plastic shields. What a tragedy if that is what is to happen in El Cotillo.

    And where have all the wading birds gone? We saw none during our recent visit and had become used to feeding them by hand. We also used to feed the lizards who used the stone circles as habitats – they too seem to have reduced significantly in numbers!

    So much for ecological concerns or encouraging visitors to return to the area.

    1. JP in Fuerteventura avatar

      Terrible isn’t it. Planners, local politicians (well all politicians) and developers are only interested in how much money they can get in their pockets.

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