Easter 2019 in El Cotillo

  • Last Updated: 21st January 2023

Semana Santa 2019

Easter 2019 in El Cotillo 1

The program for the Easter weekend festivities has been made available.

It all kicks off on Friday 19th April in the evening at 20:30 in the Plaza vieja. The acts on Friday include the headliners, So Co (IV Sonido Costero) who I believe are a reggae group (but I may be wrong).

Other performers are:

  • Isaiah
  • Chocolate Sexy
  • Abora Reggae
  • De Armas
  • Guetto Garage
  • + DJs

Abora Reggae – PACHAMAMA
Chocolate Sexy – Kazikismo

On Sunday 20th there will be inflatables and a foam canon in the Old Harbour and activities for children.

The music will include:

  • Gran Verbena a la Solajero
  • Nuevo Klan
  • Grupo Aena
  • DJ EU
Nuevo Klan – Carita de Buena

Grupo Arena – No Me Acuerdo

Have fun everyone!

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