El Cotillo Fiesta 2019 – 14th-25th August

  • Last Updated: 21st January 2023

The El Cotillo Fiesta 2019 (Las Fiestas del Buen Viaje) provisional program is now available (see below).

The full and final program with timings is below.

El Cotillo Fiesta 2019
  • Sábado 17 – Cotillo Joven Day (Youth day)
  • Domingo 18 – Día Principal y Función Marítimo Terrestre de la Virgen del Buen Viaje (The main event – the fisherman’s procession with the virgin statue)
  • Miércoles 21 – Sangría Bailable Fiesta del Agua
  • Jueves 22 – Asadero Popular 
  • Viernes 23 – Procesión Nocturna y Fuegos Artificiales (Fireworks)

Videos of some of last year’s events:

The Fisherman’s Virgin Statue Ceremony
Firework Display
The water and foam party in the old harbour

I will post the full El Cotillo Fiesta 2019 program as soon as it is available. Now above.

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