Work starts on new hotel in El Cotillo

  • Last Updated: 21st January 2023

Work has now begun to build what is believed to be a new hotel in El Cotillo on the site in front of the Marfolin Apartments.

Work starts on new hotel in El Cotillo

The hotel will extend from the main road to the lagoons beaches, just past the Coral Cotillo Beach Hotel, down to the road that runs along the seafront.

At the moment that are using a huge pile hammer to break up the rock to excavate a very large hole to be a basement (car park?) area which is generating a great deal of noise from 8am until around 6pm every day.

Work starts on new hotel in El Cotillo

I imagine those that own the apartments on the main road will not be happy as, not only do they have to contend with the noise, but their current sea view will totally disappear.

It is not yet known whether the hotel will be all-inclusive, like the Cotillo Beach, or not. Hopefully it won’t as that is not good for the village as it just brings in more people who will spend very little in the bars, restaurants and shops but who will make the beaches busier.

All-inclusive hotels

I know that is a bit of a contentious topic as some say any hotel, even all-inclusive, is good for business. I disagree though.

I remember sitting at a cafe one afternoon and I got talking to the couple next to me who were staying in the Cotillo Beach Hotel. We talked about all-inclusive and I said that it wasn’t good for the village as generally the guests spend very little in the local businesses. They agreed but said they liked to support the local businesses so “Quite a number of afternoons we walk out and have a coffee somewhere.” “Wow! That’s so magnanimous of you!”, I thought.

One thing is for sure if too many all-inclusive hotels are built it will totally change (spoil) El Cotillo. That will probably mean that the majority of the current visitors who rent apartments and love it, because it is relatively quiet and retains its village feel. will no longer come back, to be replaced by those who have to have their holidays served up to them on a plate.

But let’s face it. When have developers ever cared about the area they build in? All they care about is money.

Having more hotels will probably also bring more families with small children too, rather than the average visitors being older couples. As a consequence I imagine the beaches will not only become more crowed but the naturists will be driven away too. Yet another change for the worst.

There are a few rumours that it will be an apart-hotel or even just apartments which would be better however, the planning permission was for a hotel. See previous post – Proposed new hotel.

I will keep up to date with the progress. In the mean time, I have made a new video where I walked through El Cotillo and ended up at the site of the new hotel:


The board shown below has now gone up at the site with shows it will be 54 apartments with underground parking and a swimming pool.

New apartment development in El Cotillo
  1. As I noted on FB, if the development is to be an aparthotel, or apartments, then that will at least bring commerce to the local community.
    An all inclusive hotel is certainly not good for the village other than creating a limited number of jobs.

  2. Hi JP I’m wondering if the new hotel is finished and if El Cotillo has changed. We were there last year and, although we love the area, we were disappointed at the thought of it changing and not for the better. I’d really appreciate your thoughts on the changes. With thanks, Carol

    1. They are going to be apartment complexes rather than a hotel. They aren’t finished yet. Those plots were obviously always going to be developed at some point. Developement rarely make a place better but at least they won’t be all-inclusive hotels which are definitely bad for an area.

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