El Cotillo Fiesta 2018 – Program of Events



Finally, with only a week to go, they have released the El Cotillo Fiesta 2018 program of events! They don’t have a clue about publicity here in Fuerteventura.

It all starts on Wednesday 15th August with a handball tournament on the beach and and finishes on Sunday 26th August.with a football tournament.

The highlights (at least in my opinion) are:

Saturday 18th 12:00 onward – in the old harbour is the kids entertainment afternoon with water canons, foam etc along with music and a giant tobogan ride

Sunday 19th starts after 12:30The ceremony of the Virgin del Buen Viaje when the statue of the virgin is paraded from the little church down to the old harbour. It is then put on one of the fishing boats and taken out to sea for a short voyage, followed by the other boats.

Wednesday 22nd from 15:00Fiesta del Agua (the water party) in the old harbour where everything goes – water canon, foam, people getting thrown in the sea etc

Thursday 23rd 22:00 – traditional meal of grilled fish and Canarian potatoes along with music in the old harbour.

Friday 24th 20:00 – the statue is paraded back to El Roque and then there is a firework display in the old harbour (the fireworks are normally very good).

Saturday 25th 21:00 – Music in the old harbour


There will be VERY loud music played until 4am or so on many nights, usually in the little church square behind the hotel. Don’t expect to get much sleep then!

Full programe for the El Cotillo Fiesta 2018:

El Cotillo Fiesta 2018

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