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A proposed new hotel is being planned in El Cotillo. It is intended to be built on the front line between the Marfolin apartments and the “Sotavento” apartments. It is also proposed to cover two plots taking it all the way back to the main road.

Proposed new hotel
Artist impression photo – courtesy of

It would house up to 500 tourists at a time and would include a large swimming pool.


It is a joint venture between Jandía Esmeralda, a hotel chain with properties in the south of the island and Arcor Plan a construction company based in Puerto del Rosario. Many local organisations are against its development so we will have to see what happens. It could put serious strain on amenities such as sewage and the water supply, which already struggles during August.

I certainly think it would be a bad move as El Cotillo would be spoiled by additional hotels, particularly if they are all-inclusive. Its charm is its village feel.


Full article here in Diariode Fuerteventura (in Spanish)

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20 responses to “Proposed New Hotel in El Cotillo”

  1. BEV NIELD avatar

    Totally agree that El Cotillo would lose its charm if any large hotels were built there. We love the laid back atmosphere of the place and would hate it to become like other resorts.

    1. Karen Livesey avatar
      Karen Livesey

      Noooooo – please don’t do that to this lovely village – it will change the atmosphere and the charm which is why we visit and stay

    2. Alan Birkett avatar
      Alan Birkett

      Totally agree with your comment Bev.

  2. Rosie huhges avatar
    Rosie huhges

    Good need a good hotel in el cottilo competition is always good but no more after this don’t won’t to spoil this village

  3. John avatar

    So Cotillo Beach Hotel does not exist ??
    Progress happens and not always for the best !
    Ce`s la vie.

    1. Ricardo avatar

      Or as they say in France, c’est la vie.

  4. Verna Kaye avatar
    Verna Kaye

    I admit the plot of land at the present time is an eyesore. But do we really need this? My impression is that the Cotillo Beach hotel brings no benefit to the village, restaurants, shops, bars or community in general since it is all/inclusive and guests contribute little to the village. Another similar or more upmarket structure will merely mean more of the same.

    1. Rosie huhges avatar
      Rosie huhges

      We have stopped at cottilo beach but out all day using cafes and bars and restaurants at night as the food was well not for us the land needs something on it just a small hotel and stop at that

  5. Suzie avatar

    If it’s an intended new development why are they showing it superimposed on such an old photo of El Cotillo?

    Will, IMHO, change the village for the worse ?

  6. Kevin skyrme avatar
    Kevin skyrme

    Would be a disaster not many places left like Cotillo, The reason I go there is because it’s unique, Not sure about comments complaining about the restaurant’s and food never been a problem as far as I am concerned

    1. root avatar

      I think Rosie is referring to the food in the Cotillo Beach Hotel

  7. sTefano avatar

    well well well, It is an eyesore the plot as someone said,
    Its a bad idea a very bad one to built a hotel in El Cotillo
    I believe in AIRBNB but i think the prices are becoming ridicules so perhaps a new hotel will bring down the prices on the AIRBNB apartments
    i still wish to see El Cotillo like when i saw it for the first time 18 years ago

  8. Sara Shorland avatar
    Sara Shorland

    El Cotillo is my favourite place on the island. We’ve been visiting the island for 17 years usually a couple of times a year and always make a bee line for El Cotillo, it’s stunning on both beach areas. To build something like this would spoil its quaintness !
    Is there a petition going to try and stop this ?

  9. Lynda avatar

    This is a really bad idea. People visit El Cotillo for its laidback feeling & uncrowded beaches. I feel this is taking the village in a bad direction & hope the powers that be have a rethink

  10. John Stygall avatar
    John Stygall

    Don’t think that El Cotillo needs this kind of development. At present it is a little gem, granted there are some untidy areas but this does not ruin its charm. Leave the all-in-one developments to Corallejo and Caleta and don’t spoil Cotillo’s soul.

  11. Alexander M. avatar
    Alexander M.

    Nooooo please noooo, el cotillo is a so wonderful quiet little village. A hotel will broke this village. Build this hotel not in el cotillo, in a bigger town okay, but in el cotillo it’s a bad idea, for what too. There are enough apartments the live in while your vacation.

  12. Alexander Müller avatar
    Alexander Müller

    Noooo, please no. El cotillo is a so quiet wonderful little village. It’s a bad idea to bulid a hotel there, it will destroy the beautiful atmosphere.
    So I’m against this building, there are enough apartments to stay in while visiting el cotillo.

  13. Steve avatar

    This would be a disgrace ! Building new hotels sets a precedent for more and its not just the incongruous modern buildings that are built it is the bar culture that follows which is already evident next to Cotillo Beach Hotel.
    Tourists equate to money so the more tourists the greater the likelihood that other businesses will want a ‘slice’ of that and have a presence in El Cotillo too, its never just a case of one hotel and that’s that ! Corralejo sadly is a shining example of that paradigm !
    And Stuff the competition value, there are bigger prices to pay !
    It will be a sad day if that gets the ‘go ahead’ !

  14. Alison Maynard avatar
    Alison Maynard

    I don’t know why you are all against this really, as the council seem to have already overstretched the future development way out to the lighthouse with those dreadful roads carved into the landscape.
    How this disgraceful vandalism was allowed anyway is mind boggling!!

    Yes because the land has been left open and not landscaped, does give the area a strange feel.

    All inclusive works well in bigger towns, but it should not be the case in Cortillo as other businesses suffer.
    Mind you I find the eateries/bars apart from a couple quite dull there anyway, needs more competition as the standard of food is so I prefer to cook at home.
    But then I don’t eat meat or fish!!

  15. Lech avatar

    With regard to the expansion to the lighthouse needs a dig back in history, certainly more than 20 years.The tracks in between the kerb stones and the holes dug, are, I was informed an abandoned development. The tarmac and the streetlights were for an 18 to 20s project, and although slightly more recent, again the project never got anywhere. At least the road serves a purpose, you can get to the apartments El Caleton, and the lighthouse more easily.
    As for a new hotel, no, please no, enough is enough. Don’t ruin the village anymore.

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